Introducing the Eat Natural hive

From carrying dried fruit to housing busy bees, our wooden pallets have quite a journey…

You’ll have noticed our Pollenation hives look a little different from the average…So what’s the story? Well, first Jorge, our warehouse manager, eyes up the wooden pallets that arrive at our Essex Makery laden with Greek raisins, Turkish apricots or Californian almonds. Suitable pallets are set aside and then transported across the county to carpenter Chris Schubert’s workshop in Wickford.

Chris works to plans created by designer Simon Petty (of innovative London firm Something & Son) and refined through a series of careful trials. In fact, our final hive is the fifth-generation design thanks to the feedback of our experienced ‘pioneer’ beekeepers. This winning formula of Langstroth design and contemporary stylings has quirky ‘bee’ legs allowing the hive to sit on any surface, and a lightweight structure that’s both stylish and sustainable. “A beehive for the modern-day beekeeper,” says Simon.

Our 100 iconic Eat Natural hives are to be found all over the UK, from a rooftop in bustling Hackney to a quiet croft on the Isle of Skye. And now Chris has been hard at work again, preparing hives for the 100 ‘newbees’ we’ll be welcoming to our Pollenation community as our ‘class of 2018’.