Our Pollenation initiative

We’re raising an army of beekeepers to support these amazing honey makers…

At Eat Natural we have a special affection for bees. They pollinate some of our favourite ingredients, and make the honey that binds some of our bars and granolas together. They buzz around the fields near our Essex Makery and – when you think about it – do a pretty amazing job of keeping our whole planet ticking over.

The Pollenation plan

So, for the last few years we’ve been doing what we can to keep them keeping on. We’ve used timber from our spent wooden pallets to make hives, fitted them with state-of-the-art hive monitoring kit and recruited people from all over Britain to become beekeepers. In fact, we’re hoping to create a whole ‘Pollenation’ of new beekeepers.

The story so far

In 2015 we started trialling our hives with 25 ‘pioneers’, established beekeepers from the British Beekeeper Association who helped us get our Pollenation idea up and running. In 2016 they mentored our first intake, 25 ‘newbees’ spread across the nation from Cornwall to John O’Groats. In 2017 we recruited another 50 novices, all excited to increase the biodiversity in their area, collect important data on bee behaviour, and send us a little of their hives’ honey. They include a blacksmith, an A&E doctor, a ceramicist, a kilt-maker, an art therapist and a children’s author. To date, our state-of-the-art hives can be found on urban rooftops, island crofts and just about every habitat in between. And we’re not stopping there. In 2018 another 80 ‘wouldbees’ joined the programme, our biggest group yet. If you weren’t one of our lucky winners you still have plenty of chances to make a big difference to your local bee populations. See how you can help the bees here.