Our project partners

We are bakers, not bee experts. So, when we set our hearts on creating a community to champion the craft of beekeeping we knew we’d need some very special help. We’d like to thank our project partners for helping us turn our dream into a network of buzzing hives. It takes a community working together to make a difference; here’s ours…

Our hive designers

London-based design and architecture collective Something & Son was instrumental in developing the look of our new hive (made using old pallets from our Essex Makery). They also worked with Arnia and beekeepers to design an interior that seamlessly incorporated the ground-breaking monitoring technology. The result is a new-model beehive that’s smart in every sense of the word.

Our hive builder

We like to keep things local, so we were pleased to bring fellow Essex company Maken on board to build our hives. The Wickford company is headed up by Chris Schubert who, along with his small team, breaks down our pallets and turns them into beautiful hives. Their international reputation for delivering a high quality finish with some of the most prestigious brands in retail and events means that they are an ideal partner for us.

Our suit-makers

We’re happy to be working with BJ Sherriff, who provide our beekeepers with their protective clothing made from ethically-sourced materials. The Cornwall-based company has been in the business for 50 years, making beekeeping suits from high-quality fabric complete with fencing-style hood (and unique ‘ClearView’ mesh).

Our monitoring partners

State-of-the-art monitoring systems created by Newcastle firm Arnia have been part of the Pollenation project since day one. Devices are built into 125 of our Eat Natural hives and the data gleaned provides the kind of insight that would be impossible to achieve otherwise. This innovative and exciting initiative – the largest hive-monitoring project in the UK – is helping raise awareness of the vital role honey bees play in our ecosystem and generates valuable data for scientists.